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OutBreakDJs Radio

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With new shows being added all the time you are never going to be short of something great to listen to.

OutBreakDJs is based in Manchester and is home to some of the best syndicated shows on the internet. We run four shows a day at the moment and we're working on the schedule to fill each day.

If you are located in Manchester and would like to be part of OutBreakDJs and have time to call in and record a show or would like to have a go at broadcasting live then get in touch.


The Independents Network

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OutbreakDJs is hosted and supported by The Independents Network. The station stream is kindly hosted by DJ Cindy


DJ Cindy - The Queen of Rock

Take a journey with me through some of the best rock music from around the world. Use the link below if you would like to chat with me during shows.

Join me on Facebook during shows